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St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution
Cultural and Leisure Center of the Kalininsky District
195009, St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya emb. 13/1, letter A
Manager's phone numbers:+7(952) 356-56-37, +7(812) 542-37-32
DK Galaktika St. Petersburg, Rustaveli street, 12

The main activity is the organization of cultural leisure of residents Kalininsky district: implementation of theatrical and concert activities, holding cultural and leisure events of various formats and the organization of the work of circles and studios.

Emergency Phones

122 - Unified regional information and reference service.

Service  advises on COVID-19 issues, as well as on issues under responsibility  committees, district administrations and their subordinate organizations. The Service also accepts applications for to call a doctor at home around the clock.

112 — A single emergency call number of St. Petersburg for calls from cell phones in emergency situations (you can call even without a SIM card, without money on account and with locked phone keypad).

The 112 number does not replace the existing emergency numbers, you can also call 01/101, 02/102, 03/103, 04/104.

004 - Center for reception of citizens appeals on housing   emergency situations in the city, as well as receiving messages from children exposed to violence in  ;family and outside or those   difficult situations.

Regional Rescue Service

Telephones of the Duty Department (round the clock):380-91-19 (multichannel), 545-47-45, 545-35-18

Ministry of Emergency Situations — 101 —from mobile and 01 from fixed phones

Emergencies in household

Call if you smell gas 04
Lighting damage on street elec. networks 312-95-94
Damage to the street water network & nbsp; (cold water) 305-09-09
Damage to the street water network & nbsp; (hot water) 315-13-13
cable network 494-36-80
"Hot line" GUP "TEK SPb" 601-93-93

Department of the Federal Security Service in the Kalininsky District of the Federal Security Service of Russia for  St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region


​​​​​​​Russian MIA Administration for Kalinin District

Phone numbers of the duty department: 

United emergency telephones: 102, 112

​​​​Department of private security of the Kalininsky district of the branch "UVO VNG RF in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region  

Reception 297-48-00
duty unit 297-22-01
ARC duty officer 297-82-77

Complaint Hotline

Center for reception of appeals from citizens on all issues related to the quality of housing and communal services - 004

"Hot" line SUE "Vodokanal SPb" 305-09-09
"Hot" line GRO "PeterburgGaz" 610-04-04
claim service of the State Unitary Enterprise "Organizer of Transportation" (public transport operation) 576-55-55

Phones of duty assistants heads of district administrations

Admiralteisky district 316-00-50
Vasileostrovskiy district 323-63-07
Vyborgsky district 576-56-09
Kalininsky district 542-24-34
Kirovsky district 252-00-21
Kolpinsky district 461-44-51
Krasnogvardeisky district 227-43-64
Krasnoselsky district 736-86-02
Kronstadt district 576-90-11
resort area 437-10-02
Moskovsky district 388-36-55
Nevsky district 417-39-22
Petrogradsky district 232-65-62
Petrodvorets district 450-66-26
Primorsky district 430-42-48
Pushkinsky district 466-62-81
central District 274-23-10
Frunze district 709-61-70

Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

The official Internet resource of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and LO - 

Telephone reference of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 573-26-76
Duty department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 573-24-20
"Helpline" of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 573-21-81
Duty department of the Criminal Investigation Department 573-21-77
Drug Enforcement Administration 275-03-51 - Duty department

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region - site of the Traffic Police Department of the Main Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation  in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Duty room  234-90-21
Helpline UGIBDD  335-43-80

Department of civil defense, emergency situations and fire safety committee on issues of law, order and security

Address: Razezzhaya street, 26/28

Phone of the operational duty sector of monitoring and forecasting 575-75-57


St. Petersburg city court: 273-10-81

Regional Court 273-08-26

The Statutory Court of St. Petersburg

JPs of St. Petersburg

Federal Bailiff Service, hotline: 571-79-87


City Prosecutor's Office 312-81-90

Regional Prosecutor's Office 542-02-45


Presidium of Saint-Petersburg Collegium of lawyers; Bar Association of St. Petersburg: 713-14-03

Presidium of the Leningrad Regional College 273-00-86

International Bar Association "St. Petersburg" 275-10-71


City Ambulance Station - 03 - Ambulance St. Petersburg

Territorial CHI Fund of St. Petersburg: 703-7-301,

"Hotline" 346-35-70
Information about the availability of drugs in the city 635-55-66
Pharmacy on duty 314-54-01
Drug Helpline 714-42-10
Helpline for adults, children and teenagers 476-71-04

City Inquiry Service "Health of the City" (multichannel) 635-55-63
(Information about addresses, phone numbers of medical institutions of the city of St. Petersburg and about medical services provided by these institutions)

Hotline of the Committee for  Health of St. Petersburg 635-55-77

Claims phone for the work of the city ambulance 571-45-04

St. Petersburg regional branch of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation

197046 St. Petersburg B.Posadskaya st., 10A

Phone for inquiries: 677-87-17

Official website -

Labor Inspectorate in city St. Petersburg

Official website -

198095, St. Petersburg, Zoya Kosmodemyanskoy st. 28, lit. BUT

Contact phone: (812) 746-59-86

Fax: (812) 747-37-84


Hotline telephones: (812) 746-59-86, (812) 314-19-48, (812) 374-31-97.

Information and reference telephone service of social protection of the population

tel. 334-41-44

The information and reference telephone service is open daily, except weekends and holidays, from 8 hours 30 minutes to 17 hours 20 minutes. On Friday from 8 hours 30 minutes to 16 hours 00 minutes.

Site of the City Center for calculation and payment of pensions and allowances< /a>

Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

Official site -

194214, St. Petersburg, Engels Ave., 73

Manager's office: tel. (812) 553-20-78, tel./fax (812) 554-08-22

Hotline telephones:

for the population - (812) 292-85-92, 292-85-56;

for policyholders - (812) 292-81-62;

Department of the Federal Service for supervision in the sphere of consumer rights protection and human welfare in the city of St. >

Information and reference line: & nbsp; tel. (812) 712-29-81



Central territorial department of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for city St. Petersburg (Admiralteisky, Vasileostrovskiy, Central districts) 190005, St. Petersburg,
st. 3rd Krasnoarmeiskaya, 18
tel. (812) 316-68-66
Eastern territorial department of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for city St. Petersburg  (Vyborgsky, Kalininsky, Krasnogvardeysky, Nevsky districts) 194214, St. Petersburg,
Specific pr., 20
tel. (812) 293-76-66
Southern territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor  around the city St. Petersburg (Moscow, Frunzensky, Pushkinsky, Kolpinsky districts) 196143, St. Petersburg,
Yuri Gagarin Ave., 55
tel. (812) 727-72-20
Northern territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor  in city St. Petersburg (Primorsky, Petrogradsky, Kurortny, Kronstadt districts) 197198, St. Petersburg,
Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, 18
tel. (812) 232-15-92
Western territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor  around city St. Petersburg (Kirovskiy, Krasnoselskiy, Petrodvortsovy districts) 198095, St. Petersburg,
st. Oboronnaya, 37
tel. (812) 786-12-30

Consumer rights

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Official website -
Center address: 191124, St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky pr., d. 65 B
Phone: (812) 274-14-30
Fax: (812) 274-14-32

Work on appeals of consumers:

Hotline numbers:
8 (812) 233-55-45 8 (812) 232-83-03 

Carrying out examinations of the quality of food, perfumery and cosmetic products, footwear, technically complex household goods:
(812) 274-14-30

Center for Independent Expertise of the Union of Consumers of St. Petersburg

tel.: 327-80-32
fax: 272-33-48
191014, Saperny Lane, 21

Addresses and phones of information and consultation points for the provision of services for legal consultations for consumers:

Free "hotline": 716-96-31, 274-18-40, 993-73-99, 994-34-99, weekends and holidays 994-84-99
Tavricheskaya st., d. 2, office. 17n, tel. 600-79-78; 655-50-10
Nevsky Ave., 78, tel. 400-22-23;
Chernomorsky pr., house 4 office 102, tel. 315-74-97;
per. Lodygina, d. 1/28, room. 74, tel. 324-25-88, 324-25-80, 324-27-98, 324-27-96.

Points for the examination of the quality of footwear, clothing, non-food products, works (services)

Saperny Lane, 21;
Suvorovsky Ave., 65B.

Legal Information in National Library of Russia

Legal Information Center

Pl. Ostrovsky, d. 1/3, room. № 84 t. 718-86-91

Center for Economic and Legal Information

Moscow pr., house 165, building 2, room № 3018 v. 415-97-81

Legal Information Center RNB offers for review (free of charge)  full texts of laws of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region,  bills, forms of documents, GOSTs, SNiPs and standards of Russia, materials of judicial practice, comments to legal acts and etc. Texts of documents can be printed, transferred to electronic media.

The CPI contains databases (DB) of legal reference systems: "ConsultantPlus", "Garant", "Kodeks", the official database of Spetssvyaz FSO of Russia "Legislation of Russia" and specialized databases  for legal and economic information. Updating of legal information daily.

Crisis Management Center

Phones - 601-85-50, 601-85-51

Accident Registry

Phone - 573-66-66

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of service, the fullest possible satisfaction of user requests and improve the conditions of visitor stay.