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St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution
Cultural and Leisure Center of the Kalininsky District
195009, St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya emb. 13/1, letter A
Manager's phone numbers:+7(952) 356-56-37, +7(812) 542-37-32
DK Galaktika St. Petersburg, Rustaveli street, 12

The main activity is the organization of cultural leisure of residents Kalininsky district: implementation of theatrical and concert activities, holding cultural and leisure events of various formats and the organization of the work of circles and studios.


04 October 2023

Head – Marina Eduardovna Spiridonova

Marina Eduardovna Spiridonova graduated from the A.L. Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy in the direction of muralist in 2021.

Marina Eduardovna uses various artistic techniques in her work: gouache and watercolor painting, mixed techniques, decorative painting with a palette knife, academic and constructive drawing, graphic techniques with a pen and various graphic materials.

During the classes, the participants of the club formation will receive the basics of basic academic drawing and painting, master new techniques, try themselves in different materials
and get acquainted with the genres of painting, master the initial course of art history. The main part of the educational process is based on the development of full-scale material, the compilation of still lifes and the layout of the task in the sheet, as well as students will get acquainted with the basics of copy and open-air practice, and will be able to show their creative potential
in compositional tasks with the use of mastered pictorial and graphic techniques.

Training program:

  • Acquaintance with warmth and coldness, study of color harmony, acquaintance
    with a color wheel.
  • Acquaintance with the genres of painting: drawing, painting, composition.
  • Familiarity with the work of various materials: gouache, watercolor, pencil, pen, grattage, collage, monotype, modeling

Age of students: from 4 to 6 years

On a paid basis

Record by phone: 417-40-59

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04 October 2023
17 October 2023

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