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St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution
Cultural and Leisure Center of the Kalininsky District
195009, St. Petersburg,
Arsenalnaya emb. 13/1, letter A
Manager's phone numbers:+7(952) 356-56-37, +7(812) 542-37-32
DK Galaktika St. Petersburg, Rustaveli street, 12

The main activity is the organization of cultural leisure of residents Kalininsky district: implementation of theatrical and concert activities, holding cultural and leisure events of various formats and the organization of the work of circles and studios.

Studio DPI "Snufkin"

29 August 2023

Head - Shakhurina Olga Sergeevna

In 2002, she graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Art with a degree in "Manager of socio-cultural activities", qualification "Pedagogy".

In 1999 — 2006, she began working at the Children's Creativity House in the city of Norilsk as a teacher of additional education. Direction of work: paperplasty, origami, applique, knitting and crocheting, macrame.

Classes in decorative and applied art reveal the creative abilities of the individual, develop an aesthetic perception of the world. The program includes the study of decoupage techniques, stained glass, batik, spot painting, making products for the home. The participants of the Golden Hands studio take an active part in various regional exhibitions and competitions, have letters of thanks, diplomas and diplomas.

Age of students: from 4 to 6 years

On a paid basis

Record by phone: 417-64-45

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29 August 2023

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